The genuine MultiKai Cooker

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About Us

How the Multikai Cooker came to be...

MultiKai was designed and invented by entrepreneur Doug Andrews from Whangarei, New Zealand. Patents for the cookers were established in the year 1998 for New Zealand and Australia and Trademarks in New Zealand, Australia, USA and China.

The MultiKai Cooker is a low pressure cooker that produces mouth-watering meals quickly and easily.

The cooker was originally designed as an alternative to produce a hangi as close as possible to a traditional Maori ground Hangi. Over time Doug went on to create, and the NEW and improved Signature Series evolved. The Signature Series is mind blowing from the wide range of attachments and accessories to the infinitive styles of cooking, the experience is endless with this multi-functional product.


Doug has created this cooker so thoroughly that it allows you to cook your food to perfection using the different accessories at the same time, this is a major benefit of the new Signature Series which really puts this cooker in a league of its own.

The ground Hangi uses Manuka wood as a fuel source, stones that are heated by the wood and wet sacks which continuously drip onto the stones. The combination of heat, steam and Manuka ash cooks the food with a smoky Hangi flavour. After 3 – 4 hours in the ground, the moisture evaporates from the wet sacks and the dryer heat roasts the food.


MultiKai Cookers have a BBQ hotplate (the stones), a gas burner (heat source), Manuka saw dust (sprinkled on the BBQ plate for smoky flavour), fresh or semi frozen meat portions which drip onto the BBQ hotplate (steam), and as the moisture from the meat portions stops dripping onto the BBQ hotplate, the dryer heat roasts the food.

The MultiKai Cooker offers an alternative to the traditional New Zealand Maori ground Hangi with the convenience of gas.

Basically, the MultiKai Cooker consists of a range of cooking chambers, a BBQ hotplate, a dual or triple ring cast iron burner, gas hose, regulator and LPG gas cylinder. A stand, onto which the gas cylinder conveniently fits, is available for the Family Size Cookers. This stand has 4 lockable wheels. The Family Size Cookers have a 385mm diameter BBQ hotplate and cooking chambers and the Large, Deluxe and Jumbo cookers have a 600mm diameter BBQ hotplate and cooking chambers.


With the cooking chamber removed, the MultiKai Cooker functions as a BBQ hotplate, shallow fryer, wok or casserole dish. With the cooking chamber and baskets fitted, the MultiKai Cooker functions as a smoker, low pressure steamer or oven. The MultiKai Cooker can even be used to steam your very own Yum Cha and Dim Sum at home.

The MultiKai Cooker
will cook the entire meal,
all at once,
to perfection, with a unique taste and magnificent flavour.


The MultiKai Cooker is certified by the Australian Gas Association, certificate number 6857 and is covered by Australian Patents 1999055939 and New Zealand Patent 332466.


No oil and low pressure, steam cooking.


A 9kg gas bottle will cook up to 10 meals (2 basket size).


Use anywhere outdoors in well ventilated areas (except indoors – refer to instruction manual).


Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to assemble.


Functions, events or having family & friends over. Cooks for 10 to 250 depending on cooker size.


Safe to handle. No permits required for local fire ban restrictions.