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Posted: May 10, 2019 Categories: MultiKai News
Earn Extra $$$

Earn Extra $$$

We are getting alot of enquiries all around Australia and New Zealand for the HIRE of our amazing MultiKai Jumbo Supreme Cookers, which means we need more people like you!

If you want to make the most of the MultiKai Jumbo Supreme you already have or you are keen to purchase one to hire out, please talk to us!

It’s easy to hire out our MultiKai Jumbo Supreme for functions or fundraising, and earn extra while doing so.

If you want to earn extra please talk to us for more information and get started as one of our ‘MultiKai Hire Agents’. Contact us via email info@multikaicooker.co.nz

Jumbo Supreme with 1 basket: $2,899 + freight from Whangarei, New Zealand (this option is using tin foil trays only and will fit between 120 – 140 packs. Great for fundraising with.)

Jumbo Supreme with 8 basket: $3,399 + freight  from Whangarei, New Zealand (this option is using tin foil trays will fit 120 – 140 packs or using the baskets will cook for up to 320 people)



No oil and low pressure, steam cooking.


A 9kg gas bottle will cook up to 10 meals (2 basket size).


Use anywhere outdoors in well ventilated areas (except indoors – refer to instruction manual).


Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to assemble.


Functions, events or having family & friends over. Cooks for 10 to 250 depending on cooker size.


Safe to handle. No permits required for local fire ban restrictions.