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    Makes 300 meals easy.

    Recently cooking up a storm as Cyclone Gabrielle was bearing down on us as we were trying to grieve over our recently lost family member , The Tangi was small and private for only a few could attend due to nasty weather,

    We had our Hakari early so our guests could leave before the storm was full blown , The rain and water did not us from finishing his journey .Love guided everyone safely ,

    Truly Blessed ...

    Out of respect for the family

    I have removed faces and names xxx

    This Is All About the FOOD

    Arohamai Peeps 


    I have owned my family sized Multi Kai cooker for about five years and it quickly became an essential piece of our way of cooking and entertaining.

    I use it for everything, from convenient BBQ needs to smoking fish and of course a no hassle way to create that tradition Hangi taste.Every year my brothers and I head north for a bit of bonding as we all have sons and where we go has no power,bring on the Multi Kai Cooker.

    It boils the jug for coffee,then bacon and eggs with toast,then toasted sandwiches for lunch,then I bang on some chicken,pork ,kumara etc and this gets hangied up while we go for a quick fish of the rocks, our kai is ready when we get home.I can feed the whole whanau and it is a no brainer!

    I love this thing so much I now have the jumbo, just in case my wife’s family turn up. Multi-Kai cooker ! I wouldn’t be without it!

    - Pio Terei

    We would like to thank you guys for the Multi Kai Cooker, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

    We had our friends over today for lunch to try out the family size Kai cooker with the two baskets…Just AWESOME!!! Our very own hangi on wheels when we want one with no fuss or bother, Cool aye!!…Now our friend wants one, so he will be ordering one soon…Our son comes home from Scotland in March, so we can cook him up a treat, HANGI!! He’ll love that…And with Christmas just around the corner, it will come in handy…SO MANY, MANY THANKS!! IN DEED, DOUG…And the cover for the Kai cooker is just fantastic…Keep up the Excellent work…And good on you.

    - Coroleen and Boy Davis...Kawhia

    We have been using the Doug Andrews Multikai cooker as our main source of fundraising for our Portland Masters Rugby League for over 6 years. We use three jumbo multikai cookers and the total amount of packed hangi parcels we can produce per cooker is 130. The multikai cooker is an absolutely efficient way of producing a perfect hangi every time. Because of the Multikai cooker the Portland Masters has a reputation for producing, a consistently high quality hangi.

    The Portland Master highly recommend the use of the MultiKai Cooker as an easy to use, efficient, cost effective way of cooking the perfect hangi every time. A must have for all Sporting Clubs to use for fundraising and also an easy way to cater for large gatherings of hungry people.

    - Steven & Carolyn



    I just wanted to say thank you for creating an amazing product. We are now doing about $20,000 in hangi sales each month. Business run from home.

    We are looking at getting another commercial 8 basket multikai cooker (our 3rd one)
    Nga mihi

    - CJ

    Good on you for creating this awesome machine!!! Love it. I have asked my whanau for one for my upcoming birthday present. Well done and I hope you make heaps from this idea.

    I’m gonna give it a crack with muttonbirds…yummo

    - Lesley

    Just to let you know that I tried the cooker last week and it turned out bloody great. I only tried the two baskets, want to know if you put the same amount of water when using the four baskets if using fresh meat. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how it turned out, also my navy club wants to try it out on new years day.

    - Anonymous

    Our Marae have recently purchased a jumbo size MultiKai cooker. We have just finised an unveiling at the Marae, where we were able to use the MultiKai cooker for the first time. We had a crowd of about 200 people. We would like to thank you for the awesome cooker!! its such an easier way to cook a ‘hangi’, the food was so beautiful and moist and it was such a hassle free way to cook!!! No more early wake ups to burn the wood!!!

    On behalf of the whanau from Okapu Marae, we would like to say, KIA ORA!!! for such an awesome Cooker!!!! Keep up the great mahi!!

    - Okapu Marae Trustee Committee

    Had my jumbo for 3 years it’s been awesome, the whole whanau just love it, easy to work, I’ve got it down to a fine art whether smoking ika or hangi or BBQ, simply amazing taste with manuka chips can’t beat it.

    I just can’t say enough about the Multi Kai Cooker.

    I would recommend this if your thinking about buying one be like Nike and “just do it” you won’t regret it….Mauri Ora

    - Andrew

    We have a family size Multikai cooker and we can cater for our extended family of 25. Over the years we have used our multikai cooker as a, meat roaster, fish smoker, crayfish and vegetable steamer and the base for deep frying of fry bread, batter fish, and also to make stir fried vegetables. We recently heard that you can make a homemade smoked pizza and our taste buds are salivating at the thought.

    One of the best buys that we have made.

    Just had our first feed and it was fantastic! Absolutely beautiful!! The MKC is well made, built to last, it came well packaged and arrived very quickly. The instructions are well written and accurate. Thank you very much – we are really happy with it!

    - Lyndon Whanau

    Just a note to say a big thanks to you Doug and your successful business.

    Living in the city (Hastings) & fire permits virtually impossible for a traditional hangi the Kai cooker was perfect. We purchased the family sized version just over 3 years ago. Its still going strong, not as shiny, a few dents here & there (fell off my truck believe it or not). Its even been to Taranaki with us just this last Xmas. We have had nothing but pleasure, joy, topic starters and fantastic entertainment and of course overfed bellies from our Kai cooker.

    Our extended families, friends, their friends, neighbours and workmates have all had a feast from the Kai cooker & had nothing but great comments from them all. We have indeed got our monies worth back from the Kai cooker & will continue feasting so again thank you.

    - The Herewini Whanau

    Just wanted to let you know that we used the cooker for the first time on Saturday night and absolutely loved it!

    The steaming of the food is just so nice and made me feel healthier too. Thanks again for the good communication and i'm definitely going to be recommending it.

    - Katie

    I bought the family size cooker about two weeks ago. JUST WANT TO ENDORSE YOUR PRODUCT.

    Have found it so tremendously convenient as I am a doble leg amputtee (AK – BK). I already used it for smoking left over fish heads and back bones from the freezer and can’t praise you enough for this great product. I would recommend it to anyone and am looking forward to my first hangi around xmas with the family.

    Wish you every success in selling your product.

    - Ruka Hudson

    Thank you for our Multikai Cooker. It arrived Friday and seemed all good. We used it on Saturday for our game against Massey High School and they enjoyed the Hangi. It seems to have worked well and on behalf of Mahurangi College and our Maori Department. Thank you.

    - Portland Masters Rugby League

    We used the MultiKai cooker the other day and as always had a superb meal but never looked forward to cleaning it after, until I had a thought. Why not use the water blaster so we did and even though it took a little bit of time, it was easy and all that was required was to give it a wipe over with hot soapy water and dry it at the end.

    - John



    Awesome trade, awesome to deal with Gayle so lovely, extremely helpful team. Love the kai cooker. Well worth the money!!

    - Anonymous

    No oil and low pressure, steam cooking.


    A 9kg gas bottle will cook up to 10 meals (2 basket size).


    Use anywhere outdoors in well ventilated areas (except indoors – refer to instruction manual).

  • EASY

    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to assemble.


    Functions, events or having family & friends over. Cooks for 10 to 250 depending on cooker size.

  • SAFE

    Safe to handle. No permits required for local fire ban restrictions.