Something sweet and fast to make while your smoker is hot!! A fun and tasty dessert that is easy to whip up. Get the kids involved!

1 bunch of bananas
Melted caramel
1 cup chocolate sauce
Small chocolate chips
Crushed biscuits/crackers
Small marshmallows

Cut the stem off of your bananas and slice them down the middle. Don’t slice all the way through, just enough to have a lengthwise opening in the banana’s peel.

Spread them open from the cut and squeeze in from the ends to create a pocket to fill with ingredients.

Place small chocolate chips and marshmallows into the opened bananas, then wrap the banana in foil.

Place foiled banana in the smoker for 10 minutes until the chocolate and marshmallows are melted and the peel turns brown.

Add crushed biscuit/crackers on top, then chocolate sauce, caramel, and anything else that’s to your liking.

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